schedule Spring 2019

Schedule for Biomath seminar Spring 2019

Date Speaker Title
January 24
January 31
February 7 Dr. Zhisheng Shuai, UCF Impact of biased movement on the spread of infectious diseases
February 14 Darby Smith, UF Intracelluar Transport: Understanding Force Dependent Stepping
February 21
February 28
March 7 Spring break
March 21 Subhorn Khonthapagdee, UF Models of crowding effect on phytoplankton competition for nitrogen
March 28 Dr Stefan Gerber, UF (Agricultural and Biological Engineering) Reflections on the use of models to study global environmental change
April 4 Dr. Ray Huffaker, UF(Agricultural and Biological Engineering) Empirical Nonlinear Dynamics:  Reconstructing the Dynamics of Real-World Systems from Available Data
April 11
April 18