Seminar, September 1: Calistus Ngonghala, UF

Title: General ecological models for human subsistence, health and poverty Calistus Ngonghala, UF Mathematics Department Thursday, September 1, at 10:40 am in LIT 368 Abstract: The world’s rural poor rely heavily on their immediate… Read More

Seminar, April 12: Derek Cummings, UF

Title: Spatial and temporal dynamics of dengue in southeast Asia Derek Cummings, UF Biology/EPI Tuesday, April 12, at 12:50 pm in LIT 368 Abstract: Dengue viruses exist as four antigenically distinct serotypes DENV1-DENV4… Read More

Seminar, April 5: Rebecca Borchering, UF

Title: Approximating the probability of invasion in discrete stochastic population models Rebecca Borchering, UF Mathematics Tuesday, April 5, at 12:50 pm in LIT 368 Abstract: When an individual with a novel trait… Read More