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J. Shane WelkerAdvisor: Maia Martcheva
Mike BinderAdvisor: Sergei PilyuginModel of a Co-Circulation of Two Vector Borne Diseases (Zika/Dengue)
Subhorn KhonthapagdeeAdvisor: Sergei PilyuginModels of Crowding Effect on Phytoplankton Competition for Nitrogen
J. Darby SmithAdvisor: Scott McKinleyAn exploration and analysis of molecular motor protein models
Yena KimAdvisor: Maia MartchevaOn the Principle of Host Evolution in Immuno-Epidemiological Models
Celeste VallejoAdvisor: Jed KeeslingSome Techniques for Analyzing Stochastic Models with Application to Epidemiology
Rebecca BorcheringAdvisor: Scott McKinleyPopulation Thresholds and Disease Ecology
Joshua HillerAdvisor: Jed KeeslingOn Some Variations of the Multistage Model of Carcinogenesis
Evan MillikenAdvisor: Sergei PilyuginMetapopulation Models of Infectious Salmon Anemia
Omar SaucedoAdvisor: Maia MartchevaMathematical Modeling of Avian Influenza
Juan TorresAdvisor: Maia MartchevaDynamics of Low and High Pathogenic Avian Influenza in Birds
Hayriye GulbudakAdvisor: Maia MartchevaModeling Culling and Vaccination in Poultry with Application to Avian Influenza
Jessica (Langebrake) InmanAdvisor: Patrick De LeenheerExamples of Reaction-Diffusion Equations in Biological Systems: Marine Protected Areas and Quorum Sensing
Karly JacobsenAdvisor: Sergei PilyuginA Mathematical Model for Tumor Therapy with a Fusogenic Oncolytic Virus
Jo Ann LeeAdvisor: Jed KeeslingA Simulation Model for the Spread of Citrus Greening via Transmission between Flush Shoots and Diaphorina Citri
Jillian StupianskyAdvisor: Sergei PilyuginMathematical Modeling of Citrus Greening
Cameron BrowneAdvisor: Sergei PilyuginTwo Extensions of a Classical Within-Host Virus Model
Olivia ProsperAdvisor: Maia MartchevaModeling Heterogeneities in Malaria
Souvik BhattacharyaAdvisor: Maia MartchevaOscillations in a Size-Structured Prey Predator Model
Swati DebRoyAdvisor: Maia MartchevaHepatitis C Infection in the Human Liver: Viral Dynamics, Treatment and Related Side-Effects
Willard KeeranAdvisor: Sergei PilyuginCoexistence in a feedback-mediated chemostat

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